Catchpenny Productions Reconnects with Stereo Deluxe!

Fourteen-and-one-half years after 9/11, Stereo Deluxe's Lewis and Stacy Lux met up with Bob and Brenda at Compass Church (Luxes current church) in Bloomington last weekend. The historic event (9/11) caused both families to be thrust into new directions. Four days before 9/11, Catchpenny Productions finished a thrilling video for Stereo Deluxe's song, "Pretty Time Bomb." Using Lewis' creative footage shot using the Chicago skyline as background, Catchpenny put together an exciting music video (scheduled at that time to be shown on MTV), which depicted, among other things, the Wrigley Building being hit by missiles and Stacy "jumping" off the roof of a skyscraper. Then four days later, 9/11 happened. Needless to say, all of us were slack jawed realizing that we had just, in essence, created the most offensive possible music video--ever. Of course, we decided it was NEVER shown...even though it was too cool for words : ) ! This event caused the Luxes to go into ministry, which has been a wonderfully amazing journey for them and all those involved in their lives. Because of the reunion, Wilcotts and Luxes are teaming together for some amazing collaboration in the near future! Look out, world!

Catchpenny Produces Whiteboard Video for LSA!

The "Whiteboard" technique is a new feature that Catchpenny offers clients, and the LSA is thrilled with the results!

Bob and Brenda Start Work on a New Script!

This is a full length feature film that has been requested by a director in Hollywood. It is a Christmas story that just might be filmed in Central Illinois...maybe right here in Decatur! We'll keep you posted on the project.